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Dogs: A Poem by A.I.

In a world where hearts embrace pure delight,

Where loyalty and love shine ever bright,

There dwells a creature, a friend so true,

A faithful companion, both old and new.

Behold the dog, with its wagging tail,

A spirit untamed, a love that won't fail.

In eyes so deep, a wisdom does reside,

A bond unbreakable, side by side.

Oh, why do we love them, you may ask,

These furry beings, our eternal task?

For they teach us lessons, both big and small,

That in this life, love conquers all.

In their joyful play, they teach us to be,

Present in the moment, wild and free.

Their zest for life, infectious and pure,

Awakens in us a spirit that endures.

They sense our sorrows, our deepest pains,

And offer solace, where comfort remains.

With gentle paws and a soul so kind,

They heal our wounds, in heart and mind.

Their playful antics bring laughter's embrace,

Filling our days with boundless grace.

From chasing balls to mischievous games,

They light up our lives like flickering flames.

In tales of courage, they stand by our side,

Protecting our homes with unwavering pride.

In their noble hearts, bravery resides,

Defenders of love, with undying strides.

With every wag, a language they speak,

Unspoken words, yet powerfully sleek.

They ask for nothing but love in return,

A lesson in kindness we all should learn.

Oh, dogs, dear dogs, companions so true,

Our lives are richer because of you.

In your presence, we find peace and glee,

Forever grateful for the love you decree.

So let us cherish these creatures divine,

Embrace their spirits, forever entwined.

For in their presence, we truly find,

The purest love, so gentle and kind.

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