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Pack a perfect picnic

A picnic is a fantastic way to spend quality time with your family and enjoy the outdoors, and bringing your dog along can make it even more fun.

Here are our suggestions for a perfect picnic for you and your pup!

First, and perhaps mostly importantly, choose a location that is dog-friendly and has plenty of space for everyone. Look for a safe spot that allows dogs and has picnic tables or areas where you can set up your blanket and games.

When it comes to food, pack a variety of snacks and sandwiches that everyone will enjoy! Consider making some homemade treats for your dog, such as peanut butter and banana bites or chicken and rice balls. If its a hot day, we recommend some frozen pupsicles or a stuffed frozen Kong. See below for stuffing suggestions!

Make sure you bring plenty of water for everyone, and brush up on how to spot dehydration in dogs.

Bring some outdoor games for everyone to enjoy. Consider badminton, tug ropes, frisbees, or tennis balls.

It's also important to bring some essentials like sunscreen, insect repellent, and a first aid kit in case of any accidents or injuries. Your kit should include things for your dogs. For some first aid tips, check out this page by The American Veterinary Medical Association. Talk to your vet about which medicines are also dog-safe!

If your dog is still working on recall, take an extra-long leash or a tie out cable to keep them under control.

When it comes to packing everything, use a large basket or backpack to keep everything organised and easy to transport. Make sure to pack everything tightly so it doesn't shift around during transport. Don't forget to bring bags for cleaning up after your dog. The underrated hero of every picnic is the wet-wipe tissue. Have a packet with you!

Packing the perfect picnic for a family and a dog requires a bit of planning and prep, but it's definitely worth it! With the right food, toys, and essentials, you and your family can enjoy a day making core memories.

Stuffed frozen Kong:

A good frozen Kong could keep your little angel busy for up to an hour. Licking is also really good for your dogs wellbeing; it can soothe anxiety, provide mental stimulation, and generally keep them out of trouble in public. These are best prepared at least a day in advance.

A good Kong has 5 different ingredients: a spreadable, some fruit, some high-value food, some healthy vegetables and water.

step 1:

Spread some yoghurt or xylitol-free peanut butter all over the inside of the Kong. Make sure to put some at the bottom to plug up the little hole.

step 2:

Add in your pup's favourite fruit. Think apples, banana slices, or blueberries. If your dog isn't a fruit lover, add some of their favourite training treats. Put enough to fill the end of the Kong.

step 3:

Next up, put in some kibble or hot dogs; anything for a great afternoon snack! Fill the middle section with these. If you don't mind the smell, pop in some sardines for some omega-3 goodness,

step 4:

Yummy vegetables! Does your dog like broccoli or carrots? Fill up the Kong with whatever your dog goes nuts for.

Step 5:

Fill up the Kong with water or bone broth (don't use stocks like Maggi or Knorr - these have onions and garlic which are TOXIC for dogs!). Pop into the freezer.

Hot tip: To avoid the Kong falling over, try putting the Kong in a freezer-safe cup or mug.

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