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Puppy Package

Dogs, like people, thrive with clear boundaries and setting those boundaries early can make all the difference! Our puppy package will provide training, socialisation and desentisation to help prepare your pup for the wider world.

Basic training

Your puppy will grow up fast! Training should also be in place to avoid problem behaviours in the future.

It can be cute when a puppy jumps to greet you, but it is entirely different when a large, fully-grown dog does it!


Set your dog (and yourselves) up for success, all while building a strong relationship.

Training a Puppy

Giving your puppy developmentally appropriate experiences with people and other animals at a young age will ensure that your dog develops proper dog ettiquette while at home and around the city!


The human world can be absolutely terrifying for a dog. Cities are full of noises and smells, and different textures. Get your puppy ready to make vet visits and grooming a breeze. 

Cute Puppy
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